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About Me – Game Camera

Hi, My name is Michael Magnelli.

I have been an avid deer and elk hunter since I was about 13.  Over the years I have experienced my fair share of bad luck.  I remember years in a row that I didn’t even see a Buck, or Bull Elk.  As a hunter, you know this is very frustrating.  I got frustrated, and even didn’t hunt for a year.  I wanted to get back out though, so I started reading stories of the people that were always getting the big trophy bucks.  It seemed like about every other story I came across the hunter know the Buck was in that area.

I think some of these guys were watching them from their back porch.  Then when I was looking at some new gear to buy, I saw Game Cameras, and it got me thinking.  Even though I didn’t have deer in my back yard, I could use a camera to do my scouting, and get an advantage.

I bought a couple Cuddeback Game Cameras, and put them in my hunting area.  My pictures at first weren’t that good, and I had a lot of pictures without anything in it.  But after doing a little tweaking, I was able to start capturing everything in my hunting area.  Then the big Buck showed up, and it want just once. He showed up many time, and was usually around the same time of day.  Now I had the Back Porch Advantage.  That season I got my biggest buck ever, and ever since I have been able to do pretty well for myself.

I have since went through a few cameras, and kind of became the goto guy for game cameras.

I hope you find the information on my website useful, and helps you make your decision about buying a hunting camera

Michael Magnelli