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Cuddeback EXpert Game Camera

Cuddeback Expert


The Cuddeback EXpert Digital Game Camera is smaller more compact that other models. The enhanced flash range is 60 feet. The Compact Flash Card is very easy to access, located right under the cover. The faster trigger speed keep the camera from missing animals, and taking blank pictures, and the long battery life keeps the camera powered to take months worth of pictures without going dead. The daytime video capture lets you take your scouting to the next level, and is just cool to see the game in action.
The Cuddeback EXpert also features a 3.0 megapixel image sensor to provide great quality color pictures, and the white flash with 60 ft range takes color pictures at night also. This Scouting camera lets you program a passcode into the camera, rendering it useless to unauthorized users, and includes a padlock attachment to deter theft. The user also has the option of programming the users name into each image automatically. Fast (3/4 sec) trigger speed Time lapse mode Date/time on every image Delays from 1 min to 1 hr.
You can use the EZ or advanced mode to configure this camera, which allows you to get started quickly, but also drill down to fine tune the settings as well.


List of Cuddeback EXpert Game Camera Features


Trigger Speed:Hair Trigger ( Battery Life: Extra Long
Megapixels: 3.0
Flash Range: 60 ft
User Interface: Super Simple Set-up
Time of Operation: 24 hr
Delays: 1 Minute to 1 Hour
Media: CF
Operation: Five Button Keypad
Weatherproof Housing: X
3-D Reality Camo housing: X
Date & Time on Image: X
Compact Design: X
Tree Attachment: Screw
Daytime Video
Night Time Color Game Pictures
Enclosure Padlock


Under the hood of the Cuddeback EXpert

Cuddeback Expert Game Camera Inside

As you can see, the controls for the Cuddeback EXpert are easily accessible. All settings can be accomplished easily in the field, but you may want to take your user manual with you. There are two setup modes, EZ and Advanced. To find the setting you want, can be somewhat hard without having the manual or experience.

The CF memory card is easy to access, and the batteries can also be easily replaced in the field without un-mounting the game camera.


Cuddeback EXpert Video



Cuddeback EXpert User Reviews



Phenominal Photos, Day or Night, October 13, 2008
By Charles Van Heusen

his is a phenominal camera and its a great price on Amazon too. The only CON to using this model is that it still uses the Compaq Flash memory and does not support anything larger than 1 GB, which is not mentioned in the manual.

I had to call Cuddeback support to find out this tidbit of information, which would have been nice before I bought 2 4 GB memory modules.

cudde back camera, February 18, 2010

“just bought a cudde back and i tried it out in the yard and it seems to work great last night i put it out in the yard to see what would happen and i cought a ratcoon. this camera takes very good pictures. the only bad thing is that you have to buy a sd card reader. otherwise a great product by cuddeback.”

Would you recommend this product to a friend? Yes

Easy, Great Flash range, Good battery Life, January 30, 2010
By JonnyDeer

“I own three of these cameras and may buy more. Very clear pictures and great bettery life. Nothing worse than pumping 6 “D” batteries into a unit (this takes four) and having it last for three weeks. This takes four and it lasts for 2,000+ pictures.

Flash range is also excellent.

Have tried other companies and ended up “giving” them away due to lack of clarity, short flash range (20 feet) and the cost of all the batteries.

Great camera.”

Would you recommend this product to a friend? Yes

Great Camera!, January 28, 2010
By Geetie from Burnett County, Wisconsin

“Probably going to jinx my camera, but I’ve had it out in the woods continuously since July, 2009, including some very wet and cold weather (below -20F), and it’s performed very well. I’m on only my 3rd set of batteries. I’ve got a ton of pictures of deer, especially late October and early November, almost all good quality, both day and night. I’ve also got very good pictures of a variety of wildlife from squirrels, red and gray fox, fishers, turkey and bear. Easy to set up and I just switch out the memory card for another one, then view on a laptop. I’d highly recommend this camera if it’s in your price range.”

Would you recommend this product to a friend? Yes

Cuddeback “Capture” Digital Trail Camera, January 17, 2010
By Bloomsburg from Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania

“My son and I both purchased Cuddeback “Capture” digital trail cameras this past summer. I had to sent my camera back to Cuddeback for repairs after a month or so as it would not save pictures in the internal memory or on a SD card. Currently my son’s camera is having the same problems and will also have to be returned to Cuddeback for repairs. Cuddeback repaired my camera with no questions asked, however it cost me to send it back including insurance coverage. Out of two cameras purchased, problems with both. It seems to take good pictures when they work correctly.”

Would you recommend this product to a friend? No

Excellent!!, December 27, 2009
By DeerNutt from Northeast Missouri

“I put this camera out in July over a mineral lick…got around 900 pictures before I had to change the batteries…in late October. This camera is easy to set up, easy to use, pictures are nice. Thanks to Cuddeback for a great product”

Would you recommend this product to a friend? Yes

very satisfied, December 26, 2009
By bigoldbuckhunter from Northeast Pa.

“I’ve used alot of cameras and this is by far the best for your money. I like it because you can set it on a trail and it gets pics. of anything that walks by. You don’t have to have bait to stop the animals. I also like the bear cover and locking system to discourage bear and people. Also it doesn’t make any noise to scare the animals. I have two of these and will get two more this summer. I highly recommend this camera.”

Would you recommend this product to a friend? Yes

Great, December 19, 2009
By reese1802 from Ogden, Ut

“I have had this camera since july. I placed the camera in the field in july and still have the same batteries I started with in it. I took 3000 pictures in a week once cause of a moving branch and I still am getting great battery life out of it. The best things about this camera is it is super simple. No stupid lcd screens or anything like that to break. The set up is easy and fast. They could not have designed better for the user. I have had my camera recently in sub-zero temperatures and it is still going strong without any problems. Overall the camera takes awesome picture and the flash has not scared my deer away cause I was able to get my 200 inch buck this year with my camera. I never took one day picture of him, always at night and I got him. Great camera, easy to use, simple set-up, and good quality.”

Would you recommend this product to a friend? Yes

Nice camera but…, December 17, 2009
By Rand4cc from Massachusetts

“..I did end up sending it back as it wouldn’t take a picture past 15′..Called and faxed Cuddeback . They had some suggestions but none worked..The pictures it did take were very good and it can’t get any easier to use but it’s supposed to take pictures out to 50′. Going to wait now until next fall and see what’s new before I buy another.”

Would you recommend this product to a friend? Yes

Cuddeback Capture 3.0 Megapixal Scouting Camara, December 14, 2009
By huntinggenius from Silas, AL

“When I first started looking at purchasing a game camara, I was told by several friends to buy a cuddeback. However, the Moultrie 6.O megapixal flash camara had so many more features so I bought one.

Right off the bat I knew that I was in trouble. This is the most difficult camara made to learn to operate. I have never completely learned all of it’s features yet. I have learned just enough to get it to take pictures.

I did not have this camara but a few weeks and I accidentaly locked it. I called Moultrie and they said that they could unlock it with $25.00 and the original receipt. I could not find the receipt. I called the place where I purchased it from and they could not find a receipt. Now I have a camara that I paid $270.00 for and can’t use.

I had to go out and buy another camara just like it and use that receipt to get this one unlocked. Another $270.00 spent.
Well, I figured that two camaras are better that one. After 2 seasons of use, one camara’s flash don’t work, and the other camara’s pc board is fading in and out. Because they are out of warranty, Moultrie want replace either of them. On top of this, every nut has been soldered, superglued, JB welded, and
Gorilla glued because they keep breaking off. These camara certainly have not been abused at all. I have always transported them in their own padded case.

I finally got fed up, went online and ordered a cuddeback from Cabelas. Right out of the box, this is certainly the most user friendly camara on the market. It stays out in all kinds of bad weather. It has been in terrential down pours and through one hurricane with gusting winds. It has not stopped taking pictures yet.

This camara is better made, faster, more user friendly, more reliable, and cost less than the Moultrie.

Moultrie has put a bad taste in my mouth for their camaras. As a matter of fact for any of those diehard Moutrie camara fans, I have 2 that I will be glad to sale at a great price.”

Would you recommend this product to a friend? Yes

trigger speed makes this a great TRAIL camera, December 13, 2009
By shakman from northern Minnesota

“super fast trigger speed-have pictures of deer running by camera. Flash distance advertised at only 40 feet but sensor picks up to at least 80 feet- we tried it over our food plot and got some great pictures. Unbelievable battery life-had the same batteries from August into December and they are still good. Simple to program and operate. If you want a camera that takes pictures on trails and plots this is it!”

Would you recommend this product to a friend? Yes

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