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Moultrie Game Spy I-60 Game Camera

Moultrie Game Camera

Each Moultrie digital game camera is impressive, but the I-60 is the choice for the outdoor enthusiast that wants it all. This winning camera is a 6.0 mega pixel resolution infrared camera with no visible white flash and includes a picture viewer, remote control and finder, rapid trigger time, 150-day battery life, pass code protection and more.

With 6.0-megapixel performance, the most of any Moultrie IR game camera, plus the stealth of an infrared flash, this full-featured unit will provide you with the highest quality images and scouting information available. Choose from three photo and two video resolution settings. A built-in 1.5″ color viewer lets you scan your images in the field. All images are stamped with time, date, temperature, moon phase and barometric pressure. Six D batteries (not included) provide up to 150 days of reliable operation. The infrared flash provides superior illumination in low light and darkness, without the game-spooking effects of a standard white flash. Day video clips can be set for 5/15/30 seconds. 32MB of internal memory. Supports up to a 4GB SD card (sold separately) that provides additional storage capacity. Laser Aim lets you set and test the camera to determine the precise spot you want captured in your pictures or videos. Includes a security option and a beacon locator with a remote control. Auto-Flash turns off in bright sunlight and automatically activates in low-light or after dark conditions. Also includes a built-in one-second delay, upgradeable software and an external power port compatible with the Moultrie Game Camera Power Panel.


List of Moultrie Game Spy I60 Features



  • Infrared camera with no visible white flash
  • 6.0 Mega pixels
  • 1.5″ built-in picture and video viewer
  • Wireless Remote Activator and Finder
  • Rapid response time captures moving game
  • 150-day battery life
  • 50-ft flash
  • Password security feature
  • Easy-read photo strip
  • Barometric Pressure reading
  • Temperature, moon phase, time, date and camera ID on every photo and video
  • Color day pictures
  • Day and Night video clips
  • Laser and IR aim for quick and precise camera set-up
  • Time lapse mode
  • Multi-shot pictures (up to 3 shots)
  • Upgradeable software
  • Weather-resistant, airtight camera housing and seal
  • Operates on 6 D-cell batteries (sold separately)
  • Easy to operate LCD menu driven display
  • Display shows battery life remaining, pictures taken and remaining, and events occurred
  • Picture Delay, set 1-60 min.
  • Four picture resolutions (Low, Medium, High, and Enhanced)
  • Two video resolutions (Low and High)
  • 5/15/30 sec.video clips
  • 15 secs. between multi-shot pictures
  • 32 MB internal memory
  • Up to 4 GB with SD card (card not included)
  • Includes USB and TV out cable Includes mounting strap
  • External power port for optional 12-volt battery support
  • Computer software requirements: Windows 2000/ME/XP/Vista


Under the hood of the Moultrie Game Spy I-60

Moultrie Game Spy I60 Inside

As you can see, the controls for the Moultrie Game Spy I 60 are very simple and straight forward. All settings can be accomplished easily in the field, and the initial setup takes less than 2 minutes.

The SD memory card is easy to access, and the batteries can also be easily replaced.


A short video taken with the Moultrie Game Spy I60




Moultrie Game Spy I-60 User Reviews



Excellent Camera, December 8, 2007
By Anonymous from Southern Minnesota

“This is a very good camera. This camera is very easy to set up without even reading the manual. Over 300 pictures taken so far, without a flaw. Pictures are of very good quality both day and night. Video clips are also very good. Built in viewer is a big plus. The picture labeling is awesome. I have had the camera in the woods taking pictures every day since Oct. 1st and still have 78% battery power yet. This is truly a very high quality camera from Moultrie!! Camera works well on trails as well as at feeding stations. I would recommend buying at least a 1 GB SD card as your memory will fill fast with this camera. Takes pictures of all kinds of wildlife, not just big game. I have many pictures of birds in flight on mine!! Very highly recommended camera for the money.”

Would you recommend this product to a friend? Yes

Love Moultrie, April 8, 2010
By BuckHunter100 from Minnetonka, MN

“I bought this camera used from a friend. It had a broken LCD reader screen. It was out of warranty, but Moultrie fixed it at no charge and had it back to me within one week. I works perfectly now. I love my moultrie products especially my feeders.”

Would you recommend this product to a friend? Yes

Super camera for deer feeder, September 9, 2009
By TWalton from Groveton, TX

“I had always wanted a camera so that I could find what was coming to my corn and protein deer feeders at night and when I was not on my stand. I did my research and decided for the money this was a camera that I was willing to try. I especially wanted one that I could download easily to my laptop in the field. This camera has far exceeded my expectations. It is super crisp photos, lots of detail and the night photos with the infrared is just excellent. The thing I like the best about this camera is that it comes with all the preset defaults ready to go out and make pictures from the start, very intuitive. You will not go wrong with this camera.”

Would you recommend this product to a friend? Yes

Awesome Camera, August 26, 2009
By lplank from Lago Vista, Texas

“I can’t say enough good things about this camera. I bought one last summer and immediately started using it. I have some of the best pictures that I have seen from game cameras. The camera has sold it self to the other hunters on our lease. I went from the summer all the way through deer season on one set of batteries. When I put fresh batteries in I still showed 30% life. We had some major storms out at the lease with winds over 80mph. No Damage and no water intrusion. I just noticed that Moultrie has come out with a newer model and this model’s price is falling. So I just bought 2 more of the same camera as last year. This camera has done it all. The IR flash does not scare the animals. I even got a picture of a cougar. It has caught pictures of many birds in flight. It is so easy to operate. My friend gave me a camera of a different manufacturer and that rascal was aggrevating to operate. I gave it back to him. They sell a security box that fits this camera very tight and with a little enginuity, flatten one end of a T-post out, drill a couple holes and you can mount the security box to it. This makes it easy to move from one location to another or you can cement the other end of the T-post in the ground. The video works flawlessly.

The only negative item, as mentioned in other reviews. If you have big fingers, the SD Memory Card is hard to reach for removall. A pair of small needle nose pliers overcomes this small objective.”

Would you recommend this product to a friend? Yes

moultrie 6.0, July 26, 2009
By wolffman from Baltimore MD

“This was my first trail camera and i was not dissapointed. The battery life so far is as advertized. The only recomendation i have is that one should consider that if the camera is posted in woods with a heavy canopy most of the picture may be in black and white. Unless the pictures are taken during the middle of the day. The resolution on both black and white and color was great. I would even like to buy a second one if they are ran on sale again. Great camera!”

Would you recommend this product to a friend? Yes

Moultrie Game Spy, July 14, 2009
By Rogerramjet from New London, WI

“Finally a camera that does as advertised. This was my fourth purchase of a game camera. My original camera used 35mm film which had to be developed before viewing the pictures. While that camera did a good job and captured a lot of great photos, there were always undesirable photos that came with them that I had to pay for processing as well. The next two cameras were digital and I have yet to get any great pictures on them although they used quite a few dollars worth of batteries so far.
The Moultrie Game Spy is the best camera I’ve ever seen. I’ve used it three times now and already have some great pictures which include a mother bear and two cubs. I don’t recommend putting the camera directly on a bait as you might end up with hundreds of pictures in just a few days as the camera will capture every living thing in sight. Also, be sure to clear out the immediate vicinity of the camera placement of any vegetation that could activate the camera on a windy day. I love the feature where you can view photos in the field. The battery life is amazingly long compared to the digital cameras I have experience. It is easy to operate and picture quality is great.”

Would you recommend this product to a friend? Yes

Having a ball with this camera!, May 3, 2009
By NLJ1 from Rural Florida

“Camera does everything they claim it should and very well! Original batteries are still going and we put it out over 4 months ago. It has been turned “on” most every day. Range great and doesn’t seem to spook the game.
Some reviews suggested the straps slip. I simply hammered a nail in half way on both sides of the post to keep it from slipping down. Some said the SD card was difficult to get out and snap in. The opening isn’t quite wide enough for a man’s finger tip to get a hold of it. I simply carry around a set of tweesers. Push in the card gently with the blunt end and get it out gently with the tweesers.

Wouldn’t hesitate to purchase another.”

Would you recommend this product to a friend? Yes

Nice clear pictures!, December 30, 2008
By Lthmh13 from NY

“Received the camera quickly and as it being a Christmas present has just been put into use. The pictures both day and night are very clear!! Have not changed the settings yet so I cannot comment on that. The only problem that I forsee as a possibility is the seals around the camera face compartment and the battery/usb compartments. Hopefully not . Othewise, this is a good camera.”

Would you recommend this product to a friend? Yes

Moultrie I40 Game Camera, December 29, 2008
By toeknee1

“Takes great video, though the video sequence started late. I had camera set for 15sec. of video and taped two hunters on my property. Problem was the camera did not tape them until they were half to 3/4 past the camera. Picture was clear depth of field was very good. I could clearly see across the field in the pictures and video. It was easy to set up and I would recommend getting the extrra memory.”

Would you recommend this product to a friend? Yes

AMazing, December 22, 2008
By huntkybigbucks from Union,KY

“I think this is a very special product, I could understand though people having trouble with learning on how to do this product,but the videos are great the pictures are great. I LOVE THIS PRODUCT. Anyone on here who did not have a good experance probally had a hard time on getting the product to work properly. A+”

Would you recommend this product to a friend? Yes

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