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Primos Truth Cam 46 Game Camera


The Primos Truth Cam 46 Camera features 46 infrared LEDs that can help you capture nighttime still photos or videos of wildlife. The camera has a fifty-foot nighttime range and, as with other cameras in this series, you can adjust the number of LEDs the camera activates in order to save battery power or get full flash range.

Features of the Primos Truth Cam 46 Camera

One of the main features of the Primos Truth Cam 46 Game Camera is that, as with other Primos Truth Cams, you can set the number of LEDs that are activated. For a shorter nighttime photo range, you get more battery life, or you can forego long battery life in favor of getting a longer flash range. The camera also features both still and video options, and all photos and videos are stamped with date, time, temperature, and moon phase. The camera also features the signature Primos LED backlit screen that makes it super easy to program exactly how you want it.

Features Include:

  • Set the active LEDs for better flash range or more battery power
  • Still and video options for night and day
  • Photos and videos automatically stamped with date, time, temperature, and moon phase
  • Backlit LED screen makes it easy to program

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Pros and Cons of this Game Camera

Reviewers generally like this camera, especially for the price. They note that it has a super fast trigger speed and is easy to use. It also has great battery life, and it takes great photos both at day and at night. Besides this, reviewers like the pre-molded hole for a cable lock so that you can safely put the camera out where other hunters might be.


  • Fast trigger speed
  • Good battery life
  • Good day and night photos
  • Pre-molded hole for cable lock


  • As with some other cameras on the lower end of the game camera price scale, the Primos Truth Cam 46 Camera has an audible click with the shutter opens, which can scare away game. However, most game only notice the small clicking sound if they are very close to the camera.
  • This camera may not be the easiest on the market to mount, either, as the included mounting straps are not very effective. However, with a bit of creativity, anyone can overcome this apparent design flaw.

Is this the Perfect Camera for Your Needs?

If you want a great camera for a good price, the Primos Truth Cam 46 Camera is it. It has a longer range than the Truth Cam 35, but it’s more affordable than the Truth Cam 60. It still has all the great features of those cameras, including many customizable options, but it’s in the middle-of-the-road for price.

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