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Primos Truth Cam 60 Game Camera

Primos Truth Cam 60 Camera

The Primos Truth Cam 60 Game Camera features 60-infrared LEDs for superior nighttime still photos and video images. The camera features a short trigger speed and a backlit LED screen that makes it really easy to set up.

Features of the Primos Truth Cam 60 Game Camera

The number sixty is the overarching theme of the Primos Truth Cam 60; it has 60 infrared LEDs and a 60-foot flash range at night. You can also change the number of active LEDs at night so that you can get either greater battery life or better nighttime range. Besides this, the camera features a backlit LED screen that makes it easy to program, and it has a short trigger speed – 1.5 seconds when it’s first wakened out of sleep mode and .3 seconds when it’s already active. The game camera also offers the option of multi-shot bursts when it is triggered.

Features Include:

  • 60 infrared LEDs
  • 60-foot adjustable flash range at night
  • Backlit LED screen for easy programming
  • 1.5 second trigger speed from sleep and .3 second speed when active
  • Option of multi-shot bursts when triggered

Primos Truth Cam 60 Camera
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Pros and Cons of this Game Camera

This Primos Truth Cam 60 game Camera gets generally good reviews because it can take great photos during the day and at night. It has a great infrared range, which means you can pick up more game movement and activity at night. Besides this, the camera doesn’t take photos when nothing is there, and it very rarely wastes batteries and memory on false triggers when on lower sensitivity levels. The trail camera also has covers over the memory card slot that keep your memory card from being ruined in wet conditions.


  • Good game photos during day and night
  • Long infrared range
  • Adjustable sensitivity levels mean fewer false triggers
  • Rubber covers keep SD slot dry in wet weather


  • According to some reviewers, the buckling system for this camera doesn’t work very well, so you may need to replace it with your own system.
  • Reviewers also note that the camera is missing timeout settings that can help you customize your use of it even further. This can be frustrating for those who are used to a camera with these settings, particularly.

Is This the Best Game Camera for Your Needs?

The Primos Truth Cam 60 Game Camera is a great option if you’re looking for a camera that balances quality, adjustability, and affordability. It’s far from the top of the game camera price range, but it has more features than the cheapest cameras.

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Primos Truth Cam 60 Camera
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